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Price, Katie: Sapphire

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Sapphire (2009)
Author: Katie Price
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Romance
Pages: 320 (trade paperback)
Series: Stand Alone

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Why I Read It: Let me preface this by saying that I did not read this book completely willingly. I have a fourth year English class called Theory and Criticism and my teacher wanted us to take theory and criticism and apply it to popular fiction, so at the beginning of last semester she gave the class a list of 3-4 best seller lists and the class voted on a book. This particular book was on a UK best seller list, which is unfortunate because 98% of my class is female. Now, I do also want to say that I have *nothing* against chick-lit. It's not MY cup of tea, but I don't judge people that read it, nor do I think it's all trashy. However, the synopsis of this book still just did not sound appealing to me. It also doesn't help that this is a celebrity-penned ghost-written novel, which I'm sorry, are really ever any good. Anyway, all this to say, I was not expecting to like this book and I was not at all surprised when I didn't.

Oh, and spoilers ahoy by the way.

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Final Verdict: Unsurprisingly, this was NOT the book for me. The writing was terrible and the book was riddled with so many problems besides: it poses as a feminist text when in many ways it's the opposite, whenever it touches on ANY kinds of issues (racism and rape, for example) the novel almost always defers them or doesn't really touch upon it in a satisfying way. I got some slack from my classmates (though I do want to point out that many others agreed with me) that I took the novel too seriously and that I should've just enjoyed the ride; I would've if I could've, but there's a difference between "light, fluffy and fun" to outright BAD and this novel definitely fell in the latter category.

Cover Commentary: I actually.. don't mind it? It's perfectly fine for a chick-lit novel and I actually find it kind of appealing to be perfectly honest. This paperback cover that I've got pictured above is better than the hardcover, which while colorful is a little less tasteful to me.


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