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Favourites of 2012

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I'm sort of late on this post; the truth of the matter is that I suck at school and still -- even after six months -- can't seem to find a happy balance between school, reading and blogging. Doesn't help that I messed up my wrist a few weeks ago after I fell down a flight of stairs, so typing for any length of time has been a pain (literally.) ANYWAY, I have a week off school, so some catching up is in order.

Before jumping into my favourites, I want to look at a few stats. In 2012, I read 147 books. 23 of those were graphic novels and manga and 2 were DNFs, meaning 122 of my reads were novels. My goal was to read 100, so I'm more than happy with what I've accomplished this year. :)

Also, a note on this list. This is NOT a top ten. I'm lazy and couldn't be bothered to list my favourites of this year. So I'm just going to highlight the books I *really* loved and be done with it. These will have blurbs from my reviews as to why I liked them. I will have honourable mentions as well though -- these will be books that I really enjoyed but that just didn't quite make the cut. These won't have segments of my review, but they will be linked to them if you're curious and want to read what I thought of them.

So, onto the favourites!!

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So that's it!! I obviously had a pretty good reading year in 2012; here's hoping the same can be said for 2013 (I've already three new reads that have earned 5-stars on goodreads, so it's looking promising so far.) I've already read 40 books this year, but about about 60% of them are graphic novels (one of my classes this semester is on integrating graphic novels into library collections -- it's awesome), so I have a lot of catching up to do review-wise. Expect to see a lot of posts in the next couple of of months (or not, because I suck at school.)

Almost all of the blogs I follow have already posted their Best Of lists so I've already seen them, but if you want, link me to your list and I'll be more than happy to check it out. :) 

My Favourite Reads of 2011

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EDIT: I was having some image hosting problems with this post, but they've been fixed!! So my post is now all pretty again. :D

I've finally caught up on all my December 2011 reviews that had piled over the holidays. YAYY!! To celebrate, I finally bring you all my absolute favourite books of 2011.

A few things to note: I don't actually read a whole lot of new releases so this isn't a "Best of 2011" or anything. Also, I kind of cheated on this list; if I really liked a series as a whole, I just included all the ones I've read from that series (my blog, my rules, muahaha). Finally, at the end of the list I have another list of Notable Reads that I read over the course of the year but didn't quite make it into the Top Ten (an ideal which I stole from calico_reaction by the way).

So without further ado, here are my favourite reads of 2011. :)

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So that's it for me! I hope you all had an awesome reading year, and here's looking forward to 2012. :)


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