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Nihei, Tsutomu: Blame!

Blame! (1998-2003)
Author: Nihei Tsutomu
Illustrator: Nihei Tsutomu
Genre: Science Fiction, Cyber Punk
# of Volumes: 10 (complete)

Summary (from )

Why I Read It: This was a very last-minute reading thing. My boyfriend Jacob is a video game fanatic and in the same way that I keep up with all things bookish, he does so with video games. Back near the end of December he read an article on a video game (called Up Against the Wall and can be read about here) on the website called Rock Paper Shotgun that had a really interesting facet to it: the world the game takes place in is an infinite vertical plane. Jacob was really interested in this and proceeded to read the comments where someone pointed out Blame! as being a very obvious influence for the concept. Jacob dove into it right away and absolutely loved them. That alone piqued my interest because Jacob is a VERY picky reader. So when he said I should give them a go, I decided it couldn't hurt.

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Final Verdict: This is a really dark cyber-punk story that will probably leave most reeling from the lack of information given throughout the story, but it's still some of the most imaginative and creepy world-building I've ever come across. Tsutomu's skill in drawing architecture is phenomenal, especially in regards to scale and detail (though this skill didn't always translate to his characters.) The story is weird, and without supplementary reading, I struggled to understand what was going on, but I simultaneously applaud Tsutomu for being able to tell a story using so little dialogue. His action scenes are almost always crisp, clear and smooth and it's easy to see what's going on. Overall though, this kind of thing wasn't really my cup of tea, but I appreciate what's been done with this series despite that.


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